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Your Ticket to "The L.E.E. Life"™
is Just a Click Away

Welcome to the fastest growing online network dedicated to the promotion of leisure, education and entertainment…we call it “The L.E.E. Life”™ Club “Havana Nights” is your ticket to something fresh, new and exciting to see and do with YOU in mind.


Memorable destinations and the opportunity for life changing experiences. We are dedicated to providing YOU with the “What’s – what” and “Who’s – who” across a variety of different topics, products, services and venues. Let us be your concierge to a limitless list of possibilities.

Discover "The L.E.E. Life"™

A Look Back – ClubHN's 1st Anniversary 

How time flies when you're living the "L.E.E. Life"! It's been a year since our launch in Las Vegas and here's a look back at some of the destinations and experiences we've shared...

As we begin a new year and look to 2024, Club "Havana Nights" Inc. is committed to bringing YOU a cornucopia of leisurely, educational, and entertaining destinations and experiences happening near YOU. 

Nancy Edwards - CA

Partners Wine Dinner:  An extremely enjoyable evening, we enjoyed the food/wine pairing so much, we purchased a case of wine. We would very much consider attending future Club “Havana Nights” events."

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