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Our Story

Finding Inspiration at Every Destination

On August 30, 2018, my dream of sipping rum and smoking a cigar in Havana, Cuba was fulfilled. As part of a cultural exchange group I toured the city, the government center and parade route along the Paseo del Prado. However, it wasn’t until I stepped off the bus, and began walking the streets, meeting the people and appreciating the history of this former Spanish outpost in the New World known as “The Flower of the Antilles,” that I began to feel the magic and the mystery that is Havana Nights.


Tony Rogers
President / Co-Founder

The L.E.E. Life 


“Living the L.E.E” is a way of saying, this is something fresh, new and exciting to see and do.
Simply put, it’s the key to unlocking something Extraordinary! The L.E.E Life implies:


“L”   Leisure – The freedom that enables YOU to put the everyday grind behind YOU.


“E”   Education – Access to information and how to on subjects, events and places that matter to YOU.


“E”   Entertainment – Assurance that the activity, destination, or event YOU are attending will be memorable.

Discover the answer to that burning question…“What do YOU want to do?” Club “Havana Nights” can turn
an ordinary outing, into an extraordinary adventure.

Our Mission Statement

To provide a multi-faceted view of the people, places and things all around us, that offers an opportunity for memorable and even life changing experiences.


Through video shorts, snap shots, storytelling and social media, Club “Havana Nights” will introduce YOU to the people, places and things in and around your community where The L.E.E. Life is happening. This forum offers visitors an opportunity to gather insight on a number of different topics, while providing its members with a VIP experience at Partner destinations.


Discover new ideas, new locations and tastefully selected indulgences that can be experienced alone, but enhanced when enjoyed in the company of family, friends and acquaintances.

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Meet The Founders

A dentist, a fireman, a marketing executive, and a salesman, walk into a bar, or so the story goes. Actuality, they were sitting on a patio talking among themselves about any and everything. While engaged in discussion, the group began to consider the things they had done, places they had been, the people they had met along the way, and how these experiences had enriched their lives and personal friendships. Club “Havana Nights” was born out of this simple conversation and the founders’ appreciation of how blessed each of them had been by these experiences. This forum and network are dedicated to exposing the social aspects an appreciation of the many opportunities and experiences that exist all around us.


Life is a road meant to be traveled and Dave, Frank, Stan and Tony would welcome the opportunity of traveling down that road together with YOU… We invite YOU to explore the magic and the mystery that is Club “Havana Nights!”

The Founders of Club "Havana Nights"

Loretta Lents - OK

“How great is this club for a novice to be able to share other's experiences and adventures with all sorts of new venues. This allows someone, exploring on a timeline, to zero in on tried-and-true places that have created great memories for the founders and members alike."
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