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Partnering for Success

A growing and healthy business requires two things; (1) Finding new customers, and (2) Keeping existing customers. Simple, but not always easy…

ClubHN takes the guesswork out of promoting YOU and your business to new customers, and fostering repeat business. Our program of Business-To-Business (B2B) and Business-To-Consumer (B2C) marketing increases your visibility exponentially. We call it; “Partnering to Build Bridges to Success!” What begins as a single event, rapidly becomes a growing network of connected businesses and clientele.

Armed with a smartphone, today’s consumers can size YOU and your business up in a matter of seconds. Even worst, amid all the internet chatter and subjective “likes” and “dislikes” on social media, will they even find YOU? Our network approach takes the guesswork out of identifying and attracting consumers looking for YOU. ClubHN assumes the responsibility of branding and promoting your business, while YOU focus on the most important aspect of your business, product, and service.

Tony Rogers
President / Co-Founder

Our Mission Statement

As a full-service marketing and advertising agency, we offer our Partners (customers) turnkey or custom business solutions, that provide a superior level of branding, positioning, advertising, and promotion, through the application of our innovative and proven networking programs. 
Our goal is complete customer satisfaction, and this is achieved by getting to know the ownership, staff, products and services of each of our Partners on a firsthand basis. This personal approach is at the core of our business model and every business relationship we enter into. 
Ultimately, our success comes from our ability at helping our Partners achieve SUCCESS in their businesses. As such, the ClubHN Team is committed to working closely with its Partners. Proactively providing them with ideas, recommendations and the resources necessary to promoting and growing their business.

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Meet The Founders

After a 43-year career in business development for the aerospace and defense industry, Tony found himself looking for a new challenge. One evening, while engaged in conversation with friends, Tony floated the idea of building a business around the many experiences and travels they had enjoyed together over the years… The dream and idea of Club “Havana Nights” was launched. 

Like the start of many businesses, Club “Havana Nights” (“ClubHN”) was founded by a group of individuals with common goals, common interests, and an appreciation for new experiences. Among those experiences are good food, good wine and spirits, and oh yes, the enjoyment of a good cigar! Originally conceived as a members-based concierge service to like-minded individuals, it soon became apparent to the founders that their message was getting lost in all the noise of the many other internet-based rating and referral sites out there. This led to a paradigm shift in their thinking. Instead of relying on “likes, dislikes, or the number of stars,” why not create a network that bridges the gap between businesses and consumers? One that not only promoted the accolades of a business’s products and/or services but also provided a forum in which businesses and consumers could come together and experience it for themselves. This was the spirit behind that initial conversation and magic and mystery that is ClubHN.

Looking back, Dave, Frank, Stan, and Tony have come to appreciate the growing number of businesses and consumers they’ve brought together, by providing new experiences and making new memories for both. ClubHN is truly an extension of the founder’s love and enjoyment of these moments, and now they’ve found a way of sharing it with others.

The Founders of Club "Havana Nights"

Loretta Lents - OK

“How great is this club for a novice to be able to share other's experiences and adventures with all sorts of new venues. This allows someone, exploring on a timeline, to zero in on tried-and-true places that have created great memories for the founders and members alike."
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