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ClubHN Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Club “Havana Nights?”
    Club “Havana Nights” (ClubHN) is a full-service marketing and advertising agency, offering its Partners (customers) turnkey and custom business solutions through its innovative “Partnering to Build Bridges to Success” Program. We take the stress and worry out of promoting and advertising your business, so you can focus on its growth and success.
  • What does "Partnering to Build Bridges to Success" mean?
    There are actually three (3) components to our program; (1) ClubHN partners with YOU to making your business a destination and experience for consumers, (2) ClubHN partners YOU up with other ClubHN partners to create synergies and promote both businesses to each of your clienteles, (3) through its network of Partners and what we call “Friends of the Club,” we provide a virtually limitless numbers of consumers looking for YOU, your products and services.
  • How does it work?
    A rather unique aspect of ClubHN is that we were likely a customer of our Partner, before they joined ClubHN. Our Partners must first reflect our ideals and expectation of the type of business or establishment we would frequent ourselves. This ensures compatibility within the network and enables us to predetermine the likelihood for success. We then interview each prospective Partner to better understand their business goal and objectives, while providing a presentation of our Program.
  • What kind of businesses do you Partner with?
    All kinds… At the core of our business model are three (3) basic tenets; Leisure, Education and Entertainment, we call it “The L.E.E. Life™.” As such we look to Partner with businesses that provide consumers with one or more of these tenets. That said, some are small brick and mortar businesses, while others are well established, but looking to grow or expand their business.
  • Who are the “Friends of the Club?”
    Another unique aspect of ClubHN is its “Friends of the Club” network. This is an ever-growing list of the consumers that attend ClubHN events. With each event a Partner participates in, each guest becomes part of a growing mailing list of clients and consumers. ClubHN maintains and notifies them of each and every ClubHN sponsored event. The result is an exponential exposure of YOU, your event and your business.
  • What does my Partnership entitle me to?
    The basic Partnership is a turnkey marketing and advertising package. The program includes: –A Business Interview and Assessment –Partners listing and announcements on ClubHN’s web and social media sites –ClubHN sponsored Event planning and promotion –Access to ClubHN’s Network of “Partners” and “Friends of the Club”
  • What’s the meaning of the name Club “Havana Nights?”
    The story behind the ClubHN name is three-fold. Club: For us living the L.E.E. is about is about experiencing the things YOU love, enjoy and experience with others. Havana: For generations, Havana, Cuba has been a mystery, out of reach to most Americans. It’s been said, Havana was once, what Las Vegas someday hopes to be… a destination. Nights: For most, the night imparts a feeling of release. When work and the day are done, this is your time to unwind.
  • How do I become a Partner?
    Becoming a Partner is as easy as 1-2-3. #1 - Click on the button below to learn more about ClubHN. #2 - Schedule and appointment to meet with us and discover how we can help YOU grow your business. #3 – Complete and submit the application form and that’s it. From this point YOU will begin to experience the magic and mystery that is Club “Havana Nights!”

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