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ClubHN Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Club “Havana Nights?”
    Club “Havana Nights” is an online marketing, social media influencing, and instructional network, dedicated to promoting socially responsible activities within YOUR community.
  • Why do you call yourselves a “Club?”
    Our objective (“Mission”) is to develop a community that values the importance of friendship, meaningful experiences and a zest for life. It was that or “family” and family sounded a bit weird.
  • What’s the meaning of “Havana Nights?”
    We considered a number of different names, but in the end we wanted something that portrayed an image in the mind of being both, “magical and mysterious.” The history of Havana, Cuba seemed to fit that bill the best.
  • In what cities or locales does Club “Havana Nights” currently operate in?
    During our initial launch in November 2022, our sphere of influence spans the Southern California Tri-County area (e.g. Los Angeles, Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties). However, we are in discussions with “Partners” throughout California and in various major cities across the country. For more information on our availability in YOUR area, please “Contact Us” and watch the “News/Events."
  • What kind of businesses do you Partner with?
    Primarily “brick & mortar” businesses and destinations that offer an experience other than your typical chain stores and outlets. This includes dining establishment, night clubs and lounges, breweries and wineries, boutique shops, arts and entertainment. Not to mention a couple of “hole in the wall” businesses you just have to try.
  • What advantages are there to being a Partner?
    Club “Havana Nights” Partners Program is rather unique in the sense that it exposes YOUR business to an audience looking to find YOU and others that are just looking. Our program aims to promote YOUR business as being an experience and destination. In addition, we are a full-service marketing firm, with a combined 65 years of sales and marketing experience on staff. If it’s branding, market strategies, touch points, advertising, or simply increased sales is what YOU need, ClubHN can assist YOU!
  • What does my “Membership” entitle me to?
    Here is the beauty of being a “Club.” In addition to the stories and information we provide to our followers, Members get the benefit of accessing an ever-growing network…This includes discounts at Partner sites and businesses, priority treatment, access to the Members webpage, Membership card, notices about exclusive ClubHN happenings and events, our Members forum and network.
  • What advantages are there to being a Member?
    Club “Havana Nights” is a paradigm shift in advertising and networking. We’re not promoting any one given thing, but the opportunity at experiencing a world of new and different things. As per our Mission Statement, our goal is to provide our Members with a VIP experience in any community, city or state ClubHN operates in.

Become a Member

Club "Havana Nights" Chapters

As our sphere of Members/Partners grows, so grows our need for presence. Club “Havana Nights” is seeking to establish “Chapters” in the communities, cities and states where the L.E.E. Life takes us. If YOU have the passion and commitment for “Living the L.E.E.” and sharing it with others, then we’d like to hear from YOU!

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