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AVP Open Series – Huntington Beach, CA 

One last tribute to a summer of L.E.E., Club “Havana Nights” takes you into the world of the Pro Volleyball Tour. A regular stop on their west coast tournament schedule, Huntington Beach, California, ranks among the most competitive events and attracts players from around the world. Here’s a look at this year’s event.

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Wondering where Club “Havana Nights” and The L.E.E. Life are headed in 2023? Well, wonder no longer…

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Have we missed a destination or something L.E.E. happening in your community??? Just like YOU, we want to hear about it.  Share with us and the ClubHN Community what YOU are up to.

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Wondering if or when Club “Havana Nights” will be coming to your city or neighborhood? Wonder no more, we are in discussions with “Partners” throughout California and in various major cities across the country. Wherever the “L.E.E.” life takes us, Club “Havana Nights” is committed to making it available to YOU!

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